Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lead training Pug puppies

We are training the puppies to walk on leads and little Tebbie is doing great. She doesn't like the skinny show lead you see in the first few frames of the video and does much better on the regular collar. But she'll get there.

Turn your speakers on *grin* and enjoy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Secret to Training Pug Puppies on the Table

It's a secret...but what the heck, I'm going to share it with you anyway. One word: CHEESE. Pugs love cheese and pug puppies are no exception. Their favorite is the Kraft singles. The only problem I can see is how messy it can be. So be prepared to end up with fingers covered with mushy cheese and puppy slobber. This is a real treat because the only time they get that lip smacking yummy cheese is when we are doing table training.

Here is Tebbie at 12 weeks old practicing stacking on the table while enjoying her cheese.

"You put your left foot in, you put your left foot the hokey pokey..."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Movie Night at Arvay Pugs

She and my son are watching a movie and I just had to share this picture with you all. I can't get over how she just sits there so calmly and actually watches the TV screen.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pug puppies version of Hide and Seek

Hmm, this looks like a good spot to hide.

Shhh, don't tell my sister where I am ok?

Someone's coming! Quick, try to blend in...

Darn! She found me. Just look at that grin on her face. I'll admit she's pretty good at this game.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Fawn Female Pug Puppy Left

Isn't she too cute!? She's the last one left looking for her forever home. She has the sweetest personality, beautiful light fawn coat and the cutest little face. I'm going to miss her! Find out more about her on our website.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wool Pug Head

I sat down tonite and finished a felted Pug head. It starts out in the shape of a large wool ball and then I felt the features onto it. Not sure yet what I should do with it. It's pretty big at 6 inches across (including ears) and 4 inches high. So a little big to be an ornament. Though it would make a good pin cushion but not sure I could bring myself to poke the poor thing (:

Maybe I could make a body and turn it into a doll. The amount of work into that would be daunting so not sure about that. If you have any ideas feel free to post them here!

Here is a plain one next to the finished one. It takes a number of steps to create these so they are a bit time consuming, but they are fun to do.

Then to show you the size...

Monday, August 11, 2008

10 week old Arvay Pug Puppies

These two girls are 10 weeks old and ones we'll be holding on to in order to see how they mature for show potential. Aren't we cute!? Two of the other puppies left for their new homes this past weekend. One other one will be leaving towards the end of the month and we have one fawn female still available and it will be sad to see them go ):


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pug Puppy WWF - Video

Enjoy (=

Grooming Your Pug

Pugs have been long known as wash and wear little dogs with the good fortune of having minimal grooming requirements. While these delightful little compact dogs may not need the grooming of a toy poodle, they still have their own grooming needs.

For the Pug the grooming includes keeping their nails trimmed, which I recommend you cut them once a week to keep them nice and short. Be careful not to cut the quick and make them bleed. You can use regular dog clippers or a nifty little tool called a Dremel, which uses sandpaper disks to grind the nail down. Use whichever your Pug is most comfortable with. However, don't expect complete compliance as I have yet to meet a Pug that enjoys having it's nails trimmed.

Another grooming requirement for the Pug is to clean the fold of their nose roll daily or every other day. I use a unscented baby wipe to do this. Simply, wipe out the deep fold and if this will help keep it clean and keep bacteria and yeast at bay. If you find that your Pug's nose roll appears slightly irratated you can sprinkle a little Gold Bond powder in it. Just be sure to avoid getting any in the Pugs eyes. If your Pugs nose roll has a foul odor or looks red and inflamed, seek counsel with your Vet as this could indicate an infection.

Pugs can be prone to having dry skin, so in order to avoid over drying their skin I recommend you not bathe them more than once a week. I prefer to bathe them every other week and use a nice coat conditioner made for dogs. Unless your Pug wallows in mud or comes in contact with something foul smelling, there really isn't a need to bathe them more often. After bathing try and minimize the use of a blow dryer as this will dry out their coat and skin even more. Instead hand dry them with a towel and if it's warm outside let them run and play afterward. Never let a damp Pug outside after a bath if it's cold.

Clean your Pugs ears at least once a week. If your Pug is prone to excessive build up in it's ears your Vet may recommend cleaning it's ears more often. Use a ear cleaning solution found at most pet supply stores or one provided by your Vet. Squirt the ear solution into the ear and rub the ear so it loosens any debri. Next take a unscented baby wipe and gently wipe out the debri.As part of your grooming regiment, it's important to check your Pugs eyes for any scratches. If you notice your Pug "winking" or one of his eyes is watering more than usual, it could mean that he may have scratched his eye. Some eye injuries are very obvious and you can see a milky white area on the eye, while others are not so obvious. If you suspect an eye injury take your Pug to your Vet immediately. Additionally, run your hands over your Pugs body daily to make sure you don't feel any unusual lumps or bumps. Since Pugs can't do self exams like women can, it's important that we do this for them. This is particular important for the Pug that is getting on in years so that we can watch for any benign or malignant lumps that may appear. While not all that common, it's just a good idea to check them over. In doing so, you will also be checking for burrs or ticks that may have attached themselves to your Pug during your last jaunt in the woods.

We are not Veterinarians, just fellow Pug owners ourselves. If you ever suspect a problem with your Pug, always consult your Veterinarian.

Kelle Arvay is owned by several show Pugs and writes about life with them on her blog: © Copyright 2008

You may reprint this article as long as the authors bio and links are included.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cuteness OVERLOAD!

WARNING: I take no responsiblity if the following blog post causes you uncontrollable "oohhs, awws," or any attempts to give the puppy picture belly zerberts through your computer screen. Viewing the following images of extreme cuteness are done so at your own risk.

Puppy Bio
Name: To be determined, but we've been calling her Tebbie and/or Panda.
Age: 9 weeks old
Weight: A whopping 2lbs, 14 ounces
Favorites: Toys, laps, kisses and doing the pugtona

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Friday, August 1, 2008

"Up Close" U-Print Pug Greeting Cards

Here is my latest addition to the Pug artworld...printable greeting cards. I thought "Up Close" would be quite an appropriate name for this. These were created from my original drawing. I just love how that face turned out.

With U-print cards you receive the Adobe PDF file and the nice thing is you can print these out when ever you need to. They fit standard note card size envelopes and print out wonderfully.

A couple people asked me if these could be printed and the actual cards be sold and the answer is yes, you are welcome to make your own sets of cards to resell, I just ask that they aren't mass produced or sold to some company over in China, etc., You can also print them out and offer sets for raffles if you belong to a rescue group. I have a number of rescues that do that and I'm thrilled that my art can help in some small way create much needed funds for Pug rescue.

I Hope you like them!

Up Close Printable Pug Cards

Up Close Printable Pug Cards
Price: US$2.99