Friday, August 1, 2008

"Up Close" U-Print Pug Greeting Cards

Here is my latest addition to the Pug artworld...printable greeting cards. I thought "Up Close" would be quite an appropriate name for this. These were created from my original drawing. I just love how that face turned out.

With U-print cards you receive the Adobe PDF file and the nice thing is you can print these out when ever you need to. They fit standard note card size envelopes and print out wonderfully.

A couple people asked me if these could be printed and the actual cards be sold and the answer is yes, you are welcome to make your own sets of cards to resell, I just ask that they aren't mass produced or sold to some company over in China, etc., You can also print them out and offer sets for raffles if you belong to a rescue group. I have a number of rescues that do that and I'm thrilled that my art can help in some small way create much needed funds for Pug rescue.

I Hope you like them!

Up Close Printable Pug Cards

Up Close Printable Pug Cards
Price: US$2.99


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