Friday, November 7, 2008

Arvay Pugs New Show Puppy!

I'd like to introduce you all to Shijo's Boot Scootin Boogie of Arvay, aka "Scoobie". Scoobie and Pudge (oh lord, I hope I have this right...looking at pedigrees too long can be hazardous on ones brain cells), are half Uncle/Nephew.

Isn't he a doll! I am SO thrilled to have him and he completes a dream that has been many years in the making of having two wonderful show males from these particular bloodlines.

Here are some pictures of the little man at 12 weeks old and a fun short video for your viewing enjoyment.


sashacleo said...

WHAT a puppy he is! I could just pick him up and kiss him all over!!

OffRoader said...

OMGOODNESS That video brought tears to my eyes!! What a CUTIE!! I want a pug soooooo bad!! They are SUCH dolls!