Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pug - Cicles

The Pugs love the snow...well, most of them anyone. I think Ingrid believes she's too much of a Diva to get her dainty little feet cold. Can't really say I blame her's COLD! Here they while out doing their business this morning.

Following the "Pied Piper". Notice the cute little Pug butt showing that my son is holding?

Scoobie and Bindy enjoying themselves.

Ingrid says "OK, I'm ready to go in now! A Princess such as myself has no business getting her paws wet and cold...thank you very much!"

1 comment:

OffRoader said...

She knows that yellow snow is icky!! hee hee hee

I just love the snow on their mugs. Way toooo cute!!