Saturday, February 7, 2009

A none Pug visitor

This fellow is sitting on some old fencing we have on the side of the garage today. My husband is slowing working on chopping it up and burning it in burn barrel. I'm not a huge fan of Possums. For the most part they are pretty docile as long as you don't go up and try and touch them. They do have some vicious teeth. We were within 2-3 feet of him and he was just sitting there checking us out.

Anyway, so I go outside to look for something out in the garage and my neighbor is out there feeding him Ritz crackers. You can see she stuck some in the fence for him. She's the sweetest lady, an animal lover and the best neighbor. I do wish she wouldn't feed him or he'll hang around and don't need our Pugs to think he's a new friend and playmate...these things can bite and bite bad.

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