Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Matriarch Pug Mookie

Hello All! Sorry it's been a bit since I've updated the blog. I guess that's only because there isn't much to report these days. Our puppies all went to their new homes and right now we only have one of our Pugs out showing. Though we are waiting for two of our girls to come in season and when that happens they will be bred (one for the first time and one for the last time). So that will be exciting.

Of course I can't make an update on here without posting a picture! I think there is some unspoken blog law about doing that...LOL! So let me share with you a picture of Mookie. She's 11 years old and the Matriarch around here. She's our spayed "pet" Pug and truly the love of our lives. In her wiser years, she's getting a little slower, a little rounder and a little lazier...but none the less just as lovable as always. I pray we'll have many more years with her.

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CASull said...

Oh she's beautiful!!!