Monday, September 21, 2009

Thou shall not STEAL my Pug puppy pictures!

You know it's a bit rude when you wake up to find that someone has created what I would call a scam website, impersonating themselves as a breeder and using pictures of your Pugs and claiming them as their own. Should I be flattered? I know my puglets are cute but sheesh! Why do folks have to resort to stealing and using my pictures?

I'm not going to give these folks any additional exposure, but will tell you that if you come across a website with the name "amazing" in the URL and it looks like a Pug breeder...BEWARE. These folks have pictures of my puppies plastered all over their gallery page, available puppy page and they also have a picture of a girl that I bred, claiming that she is one of the momma's.

Here are a few of the pictures so you can be aware if you see these on any other site but mine, you'll know that it's a scam site.

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The Speckled Goose said...

That is why I started putting a copywright, and my name on all of my photos.