Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Pug Puppy

This is Sam. He's available to a pet home. I would of held him back as a show potential puppy but he doesn't have a long enough tail. Darn!! He's a little chunk, such a sweetie and I'm hoping to find just the right family for him. You can learn more about him by visiting this page: http://www.arvaypugs.com/page/available/


Puglette said...

sam is so cute! i love his stubby tail. we would love to snatch up this little boy, but i think it's a good thing you are across the country! i am sure he will find a loving home.

brian b. said...

the best thing about being a black pug... it's easy for us to hide!

PugMomof2 said...

Sam is so very precious ~ stubby little tail and all! The Lord's creation is always perfect!! Really love this little guy!

Mary Carolyn said...

He's just as precious as he can be! MUUWAH! MUUWAH! Kisses to little Sam! :-))