Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Pug puppies Seven and Cricket

We had the girls outside for just a bit to play today and I snapped a couple pictures of Seven and Cricket.

Here's Cricket - Arvay's Midnight Lullaby

Seven - Arvay's Seven Past Midnight


Puglette said...

those girls are beautiful! you must be having so much fun with them. Did Six find a good home? she is such a little cutie and we would love to have her but a new pedigreed puggy is just not in the budget. thanks for sharing your cute babies!

Kelle Arvay said...


Yes, she's going to New Mexico! Her new Mommy is flying in this weekend. I can't wait to see what she thinks of her. I think it will be love at first sight (:


PugMomof2 said...

Cute as buttons, Kelle, as all your puppies are!

So glad to hear that little Six has her forever home.

sashacleo said...

hm... I guess this means that I can stop whispering 'we need a FOURTH pug' in husband's ear every night after he goes to sleep?