Friday, April 23, 2010

Pug puppies almost 6 months old

I was working with the girls a bit on the table today. I think both are turning out very nice. Cricket was difficult to get pictures of as she is a little BEAST! She kept biting my fingers instead of the bait LOL! Next time I'll bait her with something on a spoon to save my digits.

Anyway, I'm very excited about both these girls and while they haven't quite reached 6 months old yet, I'm already laying out breeding plans for them in the future. It can take some planning and I know for sure I will likely breed Cricket to Gordy. Gordy is dominant black so we'll get all black puppies. But also some of the resulting puppies may also be dominant black. So that is exciting. Of course this is quite a ways down the road yet. But it doesn't hurt to plan ahead (:

Here is Cricket. She's out of Ch. Kirby and Arvay's Lonestar to Treasure.

Here is Seven below. She's out of Ch. Coryrex's Shooting Star x Ch. Moonstruck's Notorious. I haven't decided just yet who might end up being Seven's Beau. Although I have a couple options in mind and one of them is a fawn male that I have some frozen semen stored from. He's gorgeous and I'm going to look over their pedigrees a bit more and see if that would be a good match.

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