Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pug photos

By now you all know how much I enjoy taking pictures. Ok, I admit that I tend to get pretty snap-happy but I can't help it. Who wouldn't want to take a gazillion photo's of Pugs? So anyway, the other day I was getting my camera out of the case it slipped from my hand. There I was stuck in this slow motion unreal state as I watched it fall and crash onto my hardwood floor. The worse part was hearing a crack and shattering sound. I swear that sound still gives me chills.

Fortunately, it was just the lense that broke and the camera itself survived. Just how I'm not sure. But thank the Lord for small favors. I know it's just a camera but it's an expensive one.

So today I dug out my other lense (thankfully, I had another). This one however is one of those long zoom lenses that makes the camera heavy, but I thought what the heck it's better than nothing. So off we went out into the yard to test it out. It was actually pretty neat to be able to take photo's from across the yard. Here are a few I snapped of Tiggy and Seven.


sashacleo said...

those are BEAUTIFUL pics of the pugs! tiggy is a little doll!

Puglette said...

they are so cute! seven is growing up to be an adorable pup. and tiggy has such a sweet face, she looks like she's laughing.
thanks for sharing!

Mary Carolyn said...

They are just beautiful together! Seven is just adorable!