Sunday, March 16, 2008

My little girl is growing up

Ah, they grow so fast! Even faster than their human counterparts ): Bindy will be 6 months old next month and wow how time has flown by. She's growing into quite a little beauty though and I'm excited to see how she will do in the show ring. She'll likely go live with my handler for training in about a month or so. I'll miss the little sprite, but I know she'll bond really well with Judy and have a great time struttin' her stuff in the ring.

This breeding was such a great match that we'll be repeating it probably this spring or early summer!



Linda said...


Bindy is so adorable! She is, honestly, one of the cutest little Pugs I have ever seen! She will do wonderfully in the ring. I be looking forward to following her "career" as she piles up all those ribbons! :-) So precious!

Kelle said...

Thank you Linda,

She is with my handler and started her training. I'm excited to see how she does. Will keep you posted (: