Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Once in a lifetime Pug...

This is Ingrid...a once in a lifetime Pug girl who is such a love bug and SO smart! We took her to her pre-breeding checkup today and the tech said let's weigh her. I told Ingrid to go stand on the scale. So she saunters over and sits on the floor scale LOL! She cracks me up...too smart for her own good. She caused quite the commotion at the Vet office as all the techs managed to swarm her to pet her squishy face and fuss over her. Oh my word...Ingrid ate it up! Here she is playing with her favorite toy.


Mary lover of PUGS! said...

sooo cute!
how does she wag her tail like that?/
love your site! love PUGS!!

Doggil said...

I like your blog it has a lot of cool things.

God bless