Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coolest Pug Purse!

I had a gal come and pick up a Pug today and I saw her purse and about died! And I don't even carry a purse (lost more of them than I care to admit from setting them down places). Anyway, she was gracious enough to let me take a couple pictures and hopefully she can let me know how to get ahold of the gal that makes these. I suppose I could make one myself...but who has time for that LOL! I actually don't want it for a purse but as a tote for Pug stuff when we travel. I believe she said she can make them larger too.

Front of Purse

Back of Purse


Linda said...

Love It!!! Gotta have one!! :-)

lindnsuki said...

WOW love that purse!!!