Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pug Puppy Profile

Oh for the love of cheese! These little pumpkins will do almost anything for a few licks of cheese. Today we tried to get a few shots of their profiles. The cheese did the trick (: Here is one of the little girls.


Ketutar said...

So cute!

It's easier to work with a puppy who likes some food :-) Our puppy (Springer Spaniel) didn't care for food when he was little, so it was hard to invent something he would work for. NOW (after 4 years) he has understood the meaning of "candy" :-D Cheese doesn't do it for him, though, and he doesn't like anything sweet, but chicken and bread works fine :-)

sashacleo said...

so THAT's why Deedee and Bunni love cheese! Deedee goes nuts for the american processed stuff, but Bunni prefers the sheep's milk French cheese :)