Friday, November 20, 2009

Dominant Champion Black Pug

Well, we are suspecting that our boy; Ch. Coryrex's Shooting Star may be a dominant black. What this means is that he only carries black genes and can only produce black puppies even when bred to a fawn. If this is the case, this is great news! There isn't an abundance of dominant blacks around, especially nice ones like Gordy. So our plan is to have a genetic test done to confirm this. The reason we suspect this is due to the fact that he was bred to three different fawn bitches and has only produced black puppies in all three litters. I'll let you know what we find out.

I had hoped for black puppies when I did these breedings. Who would of thought my wish would of came true and ALL of them are black! Wow!

Here is a picture of our sweet Gordy!


sashacleo said...

Bring on the black pugs! We're big fans!!

brian b. said...

I am owned by a black Pug named Princess! The Princess of all Pugs! She an 8 year old blind Pug.

But still a Princess!

Puglette said...

gordy is indeed a very handsome fellow. all of the babies are perfect! is it unusual for pugs to have single pup litters? our charlie girl is from a litter of four all black girls. she is so funny, somedays i am not sure she is really a dog!

Ana-Maria said...

nice dog