Monday, November 9, 2009

Pug Puppies at 9 and 14 days old

Here are the babies today. The boy is the younger of the two but weighs a bit more than Cricket. I think they are so cute.


Cricket (has her peepers open (:)


PugMomof2 said...

Cute as buttons!!! I love them!!!

Puglette said...

they are so cute!! cricket looks like the little stuffed bears i remember getting every summer at yosemite. so cute!!

FunnyBits said...

Omg, I've never seen anything so cute. Will they be available to others or are you keeping them close? So precious.

Guardian of George the Wonder Pug

brian b. said...

how cute, a baby black pug.
looks like my princess when she was jst a baby!

pugs are little clowns, that's why we love them!

brian b. said...

adorable babies