Monday, April 21, 2008

First attempt at making a Pug dress...don't laugh (:

Ok, well I didn't get it quite right the first time but Ingrid was a good sport (and model) none the less. Making clothing for a dog was more difficult than I thought. I started out by taking all these measurements and then had to make a working template. It was a pain to be honest, but maybe next time it will be easier.

I made the ruffled dress portion a bit too wide and long. I'll have to adjust that next time. That is if I can get my sewing machine fixed. I had to finsh sewing some of this dress by hand. I haven't hand sewn in ages. I ended up tired of hand sewing and disgusted in my Singer Featherweight for having bobbin casing problems, so I didn't finish the hem line. But you'll get the idea...Anyway, here is Ingid modeling my mishap for me.

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Linda said...


The dress is adorable!! Great first-time job!!