Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunch Time! Pug puppies nursing

The puppies just turned 3 1/2 weeks old. They are so cute and little. They look more like 2 week olds as far as size. The little darlings are all walking...wobbly of course but they are getting the hang of it. We also started to introduce weaning and I'm offering them some blended up "gruel" (puppy food). I usually don't start to wean this young but because there are so many of them I think they would benefit from a little supplementing. They lap at the gruel a little bit. I think by next week they will really show more interest in it. Once they are fully weaned I think their growth will take off and they will start to catch up pretty quick. I'll end up keeping these puppies longer than normal just to make sure they are caught up in size before allowing them to go to their new homes.

Here is a picture of them at the lunch bar. Opps, sorry it's so dark...forgot the flash.

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OffRoader said...

Ok....we NEEEEED more puppy pictures and video's!! hee hee hee