Monday, June 2, 2008

Drum Roll.....The Magnificent Seven are here!!

I figured that sounds better than the seven dwarfs *wink*

On Friday morning, May 30th after a long sleep deprived night previously, Ingrid presented us with puppies starting at 8:30 am. Unfortunately two teeny-tiny black girls were still born but we have 7 darling little babies that she free whelped over a 6 hour period. We have 5 blacks (3 boys/2 girls) and 2 fawns (both girls).

So far all are doing well and gaining. I'm terribly sleep deprived but it's all worth it. Goodness are these puglets cute! Sorry the picture isn't great. But here they are on their little make shift receiving blanket nursing platform and the other three you can see down there on the bottom of the picture.

I'm glad you all have enjoyed following this journey from breeding to birth! More adventures still lay ahead and I'll continue to share updates, pictures and videos as they grow.

OK, I'm off to supervise a feeding and then take a nap.


Patty Keen said...

Ohhhh my gravy! Beautiful babies!

*sighs* I just love seeing Ingrid's beautiful babies. Please give her gentle kisses for me, thanks!


OffRoader said...

hee hee hee....tooooo cute!! I can't WAIT to see them grow!!

luvamypuggs said...

Absolutely adorable! It has been a joy to watch Ingrid throughout her pregnancy and now to see her precious little ones. Anxiously awaiting videos:) Congratulations Ingrid!

Mina said...

oh my goodness, how adorable! congratulations on the new additions!

The EMG said...

awww how sweet! And born on the BEST day ever to be BORN! WOO HOO!

sonia said...

congrats! little ingrid did well -- such cute little morsels!

Linda said...

Ingrid's puppies are absolutely beautiful, just like their Mom and all of your other Pugs!

Mary lover of PUGS! said...

congrats !!
Thank you fro your blog !
Say hi to Ingrid for me~

Ragnheidur said...

OMG they are adorable!! Congrats, hope you all are doing well.

Panda'a mom

Mira Canis said...

BIG congratulations!!!
Ingrig is so beautiful mother...:-)
All the best from Poland :-))))