Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Video of 10 day old Puppies

Here is a short video of the puppies I took yesterday. They are 10 days old here and doing great. Enjoy (:


Mina said...

oh my goodness i could watch them all day. i hope ingrid is doing well!

Casey said...

Your pugs are just gorgeous! Their faces are adorable! (I rarely see a pug and think that, since to me my pugs are the cutest ever!)

Patty Keen said...

I call dibs on all of them, heh!

I just love the squiggling wiggling pugs!

They're beautiful!

Linda said...


The puppies are so beautiful! They look like they are well on their way to a healthy and happy life. What a blessing! Please keep the videos coming!

OffRoader said...

OMGOODNESS!! How sweet is this!! I love the little guy "swimming" upside down...hee hee hee They're cute little fuzz-balls!! I want one soooooooooo bad!!

I can't wait for the next video!!!

Jacqueline said...

What beautiful little crevettes as we would lovingly call them in France.