Friday, October 23, 2009

Arvay Pugs is getting ready for puppies!

Tiggy had her xray and just as I suspected, she is carrying 1 puppy. But one isn't a lonely number in this case as it looks like Bindy is carrying several. Being that these puppies will be born less than a week apart, Tiggy's single puppy will have "siblings" to play with and socialize with. Thank goodness for small blessings right?

I'm very excited, but very nervous too. I just pray that all goes well for Tiggy and her baby. She will be having a C-section since there is only one puppy in there as likely she wouldn't be able to deliver it on her own due to the size of the puppy. When you have a singleton, the chances are much higher that it will be a big puppy as it doesn't have to share the nutrients with others. So say a little prayer for her and the baby. The C-section will happen early next week. I'll update you all when I get a chance afterward and hopefully post some pictures. I pray that Tiggy will do great through the surgery and that this puppy will be born alive and thrive. That's all I can ask for at this point.

Here is the xray picture. Excuse the red light, that was the flash. Can you see the head (upper right), spine and little legs? I wonder if she/he will be black or fawn?

The other day we set up a new whelping/puppy crib. The round black thing you see on the flooring is what they call a "Whelping Nest". It keeps a constant temperature for the puppies. I love that thing! Much better than heating pads or heat lamps.


Puguna said...

Best wishes in the 'maternity ward' with Tiggy and Bindy. May all go well and your nursery be soon filled with healthy, precious puggies.


Bozzy and Mimi's world! said...

I love the pug baby crib is this something you bought or made?

Kelle said...

I bought the crib from They are premade of PVC. I really like their products and have been using them for years.