Friday, October 30, 2009

New Cricket Pictures

She's starting to look less like a baby gorilla and more like a baby black bear LOL! Here she is at 5 days old. It's been a learning experience for me having a singleton. The biggest challenge has been the fact that with a singleton, Mom's milk supply is wonky (is that a word?). Anyway, she wasn't gaining like she should of been. Fortunately, thanks to the advice of a friend we are back on track and I think have overcome that challenge. For those interested, what I am doing is expressing milk from her Mom, Tiggy and tube feeding Cricket 2-3 ounces and then letting her nurse. This has worked and she's now gaining well. The hope is to get Tiggy's milk supply steady enough to sustain Cricket. But if that doesn't happen, then the next thing would be to at least buy her some time until Bindy's puppies are here and her milk comes in. The logic would be that Cricket could then sidle up to Bindy's milk bar and nurse with the other puppies.

Here are a few pictures of Cricket today. She is just too cute for words. One other interesting thing about Cricket that I've never experienced is that she doesn't cry. I mean literally. I've heard her make little squeak noises and what I would classify as a cry when she had her dew claws removed, but other than that she just never cries. I guess she's just very content. Now watch, Bindy's puppies will be screamers LOL!

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