Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mommy & Me

I had fun making this video. Though it took forever to edit. Then I messed up at on the intro but too tired to go back and fix it. It should of ran a bit longer. Anyway, these two are a hoot! Rikki acts like a puppy. This is she and her son Babalu playing.

To get an idea of their size....Rikki is 14 pounds according to her weigh in today at the Vet. I haven't weighed Babalu but guessing he's 8 months old probably 16 pounds.

1 comment:

Mary lover of PUGS! said...

the music was great too!
I just read that Panda was one of your puppies!
that is so cool, I love that blog too,
When the time is right for me to buy a pug I can only hope it will be as great as these dogs!