Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reader Questions

I've been receiving some questions and I thought it might be helpful to share them here. Here we go...

"Do Pugs shed?"
Does Carter love peanuts? Yes, Pugs shed. Just how much though varies from dog to dog. They usually blow their coat once or twice a year and that can produce enough fur to make a small sweater. The rest of the time they do shed but with daily brushing it can be kept at a minimal. If you love Pugs you learn to live with the occasional hair floating around in your coffee.

"Is there any difference in personality between males and females?"
Based on my experience, yes there is a difference. Females can be more independent and sometimes persnickity around other girls (Alpha bitch). Males on the other hand are equal to a soft, squishy, lap pillow. Many are mama boys and affectionate. If I could only own one pug and had to choose between the two sexes, I'd get a male.

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