Friday, May 23, 2008

Ingrid's Puppy Xray

Ingrid had her Xray today to determine how many puppies, their size and position. The Vet said she has 6 puppies. However, after I arrived home they called and said that a second Vet looked at the Xray and they are changing the count to 7 puppies. They felt that there is one more on the right side that is overlapping another.

Here is a couple pictures of the Xray. Notice that I only count 6 puppies on these. That is because it was done before I got the call about the possible 7th puppy.

Send good thoughts and prayers that everyone will arrive safely! She due next Saturday.


Mary lover of PUGS! said...

Good Morning!
Wow 7!
Best of luck to you and Ingrid!
Have a great weekend..

luvamypuggs said...

Thanks for sharing the xrays. I was gone the last couple of days and this is the first thing I checked when I got home.....besides taking care of my puggers of course. Best of luck. Ingrid is in my thoughts and prayers:)

Mina said...

we're sending good thoughts! can't wait to see the little ones!

sonia said...

Best Wishes to little Ingrid! Hang in there!

Jackie Miller said...

Hmmm... no posts in quite a while! Are the puppies here?!?!
Hope Ms. Ingrid is doing well, either way. Waiting on an update! :)